Windows Finite Element Modeling

WinFEM (Windows Finite Element Modeling) is the world's first PC/Windows based FEM/FEA (finite element modeling/finite element analysis) software application. WinFEM is the cost-effective, total solution to structural analysis for the PC/Windows platform

WinFEM is a complete FEM/FEA application with a powerful preprocessor, accurate solver and robust post-processor. WinFEM is the solution with the power to substantiate structure from small components to entire aircrafts. One million plus degrees of freedom provide endless large-scale applications in any industry.

WinFEM is designed for the PC/Windows user. WinFEM is a 32-bit, efficient application native the Windows platform. WinFEM is optimized for memory management and speed. The PC/Windows design creates a very user friendly and familiar application that will translate into low to no operator training expense and a quick turn around from installation to effective utilization for the structural analyst. WinFEM offers easy navigation with a logical menu bar, useful tool bar and helpful status bar. WinFEM's compatibility allows the user to "cut and paste" across Windows applications. This is especially useful for the structural analyst that is often required to present analysis results in report format. WinFEM supports user customized post-processing with easy export and "cut and paste" of WinFEM output data to spreadsheets for customized analysis.

WinFEM is developed by end users with extensive expertise based both from education (Ph.D., MSAE) and practical experience (1000's of models and certification, DER). End-user software development allows Aero Sci-Tech the objectivity to develop what works and have an accurate understanding of the tools the analyst needs to substantiate structure using FEA. At Aero Sci-Tech we are able to "Develop with the end in mind."

WinFEM was designed to offer all the tools necessary to allow the user to accurately model structural behavior for linear static analysis. WinFEM allows the user to define the variables for each model element, thereby never limiting the user's modeling capabilities. Because the majority of time spent during FEA is focused on modeling, WinFEM offers a powerful preprocessor with CAD capabilities similar to CATIA. WinFEM was developed for the user familiar with NASTRAN (NASA Structural Analysis System) input/output and offers the same format. The user can create/import/export NASTRAN files with WinFEM.

WinFEM has the ability to be customized to meet your needs. Our developers are readily able to add and drop features to match your needs. We don't attempt to bundle software "features" that the user doesn't need. WinFEM allows the user to choose what additional features their company demands. We believe that WinFEM is the most comprehensive, robust and fully integrated program of its type. WinFEM is the cost effective PC/Windows FEM/FEA solution to meet your structural analysis requirements.

WinFEM operates on Intel based PC's running Windows 95, 98, and 2000.

Base WinFEM Features:

The Base WinFEM module offers powerful linear static capabilities. This module is commonly used for analysis of linear stress and deflections due to structural loads.

User Interface:

  • Online help menu
  • Undo
  • Useful toolbar
  • Helpful status bar, offering hints on current function "Cut and paste" compatibility across Windows applications
  • Windows style commands with vertical and horizontal scroll bars, pull down menu, and pop-up dialog boxes

Pre-processor Modeling Capabilities:

  • Robust geometry creation
  • Unlimited node
  • Import CAD geometry (IGES and DXF(AutoCAD V12))
  • Unlimited layers
  • 2 working screens(Show / No Show)Directly input
  • NASTRAN input from other FEA applications
  • Create/export NASTRAN files
  • Full transformation (translate, rotate, mirror and scale)
  • Pre-loaded dialog boxes for material and element properties
  • Dynamic rotation, zoom in/out, box and pan
  • Unlimited sets to group elements by color, type, id, property, coordinates, and layers
  • Surface meshing by quad element
  • Hex element mesh for volume
  • Unique capability of displaying the thickness, area and moment of inertia by either color shading or value display

Post-processing capabilities:

  • Deformed, contour, section cuts
  • Animated results
  • Vast user customized results capability
  • User can easily export ("cut and paste") data to
  • Windows spreadsheets for customized analysis; shear and bending moment diagrams for example.
  • User can easily export ("cut and paste") data to
  • Windows word processing applications for efficient report development.
  • Easy user selected display of element output values
  • Print to any Windows printer

Complete Element Library:

  • Line, plate and solid element types.
  • Rod and beam
  • Quadrilateral and triangular plates, membranes, shell, sheer§ Solids ( 4- and 6-sided)
  • Laminated composite plate
  • Spring, mass

Complete material Modeling Capability:

  • Isotropic and Orthotropic
  • User can customize unlimited property and material

Libraries Load Cases:

  • Nodal forces and moments
  • Pressure loads
  • Gravity Rotational acceleration and velocity
  • Automatic application of boundary conditions (any combination of constraints) by grouping
  • User can define unlimited loading subcases

Reliable computation method:

  • Front algorithm for automatic internal resequencing for bandwidth reduction
  • Sparse matrix solver for increased speed and efficient memory use

WinFEM offers trusted accuracy and support:

  • Training, tutorial user documentation
  • Hotline support for qualified engineers
  • More than 12 years of use by industry
  • Extensive QA program with more than 1000 test problems run before every release
  • Tested & Approved for use on Boeing product

Post Processing:

Stress Analysis:

  • Ramp Delamination
  • Panel Buckling
  • Sandwich Wrinkling
  • Tension Fitting
  • Diagnual Tension
  • Iso Grid Optimizer
  • Fastener Kt
  • Windows, CATIA and NASTRAN are registered trademarks of: Microsoft, IBM and NASA respectively.