Aero Sci-Tech, Inc. has the resources, expertise and products to provide superior quality, cost-effective, scientific software solutions.  

At Aero Sci-Tech we "Develop with the end in mind." Design intent, coupled with the PC/Windows platform create very user friendly and familiar applications that will translate into low operator training expense and a quick turn around from installation to effective utilization. Our applications are accurate, efficient tools designed to met the analyst needs.

Aero Sci-Tech software development advantages include:
  • C/C++/FORTRAN expertise
  • Unsurpassed development flexibility
  • Vast mathematical coding capabilities
  • Development focused on what works and what is needed based on experience.


1-CFD-Aero (Computational Fluid Dynamics-Aero Sci-Tech) provides PC/Windows based aerodynamic analysis with extensive post processing capabilities including CP plots, force integration, and contour shading.

2-IDA (Impact Dynamic Analysis) provides PC/Windows based birdstrike analysis with loft surface, wireframe design and a state of the art auto-mesher as well as full support for composite and solid elements.

3-WinFEM (Windows Finite Element Modeling) is the world's first and most advanced PC/Windows based FEM/FEA (finite element modeling/finite element analysis) structural analysis application. WinFEM is a complete FEA application with a powerful preprocessor, accurate solver and robust post-processor. WinFEM is the analyst tool with the power to substantiate structure from small components to entire aircrafts. One million plus degrees of freedom provide endless large-scale applications in any industry.

WinFEM* features include:

  • Auto install Import CAD geometry
  • Create/import/export NASTRAN files
  • Data export to spreadsheet/wordprocessor
  • Native to Windows (32-bit, written in C/C++)
  • Auto meshing for thin shell and solid elements
  • Full transformation(translate, rotate, mirror, and scale)
  • Modeling capabilites for isotropic and orthotropic materials
  • Multi-subcase force and stress with min/max contour mapping
  • Training, update and technical support packages are available
  • Windows style commands with pull down menus, pop-up dialog boxes, status bar, online help Pre & Post-processing with CAD capabilities similar to CATIA (dynamic rotation, zoom in/out, box and pan, show/no show, unlimited layers)
  • Unique capability of displaying the thickness, area, and moment of inertia by either color shading or value display

* WinFEM Technical Data Sheet available

Aero Sci-Tech, Inc. appreciates the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of selecting our scientific software. Please contact us to discuss our software capabilities and commitment in greater detail.

Windows, CATIA and NASTRAN are registered trademark of Microsoft, IBM and NASA respectively