Aero Sci-Tech, is a service organization geared towards providing superior, cost-effective, custom solutions to complex design and analysis problems.

With our expertise (Ph.D., DER) and staff of highly experienced engineers, Aero Sci-Tech is capable of undertaking a wide variety of engineering projects. Aero Sci-Tech specializes in structural engineering and FAA certification support for all classes of aircraft, from the smallest fixed wing to the world's largest transport category aircraft. We also specialize in advanced composite substantiation and repair approval. Structural approval capabilities include metallic structures, composite structures, and major repairs and alterations.


Aero Sci-Tech, Inc. Engineering Services Include:

  • Prepare and/or approve stress analysis reports for FAA certification FAR 23 & FAR 25
  • Advanced composite analysis and FAA certification for FAR 23 & FAR 25
  • Avionics/electrical retrofits, engineering, and FAA approval (obtain STC, apply for PMA)
  • Repair substantiation and FAA approval (major repairs & alterations)
  • Prepare and/or approve electrical load report
  • Finite element analysis (FEA), using Aero Sci-Tech WinFEM software.
  • Damage tolerance analysis (DTA), using NASA "NASGRO"
  • Impact dynamic analysis (bird strike), using Aero Sci-Tech IDA software
  • Computation fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis, using Aero Sci-Tech CFD-Aero software (aerodynamic analysis)
  • Engineering training classes in the fields of Composites, Fracture Mechanics and Repairs
  • Technical experts for aerospace and scientific software litigation.
Aero Sci-Tech, Inc. Project Experience Includes:
  • Performed over 1000 repairs and FAA approval for a variety of airplanes
  • STC, Hush Kit for Boeing 737, DC-9, MD-80
  • Prepare the stress analysis reports for over 50% of all avionic racks/equipment for both Boeing and Airbus airplanes
  • DTA to substantiate Fokker 100, F-28, Dornier, and de Havilland antenna installation
  • CFD analysis on a Boeing airplane to install live TV broadcasting equipment
  • Boeing 707 interior modification for George Bush presidential campaign airplane (1988)
  • Boeing 757 aft galley analysis, Boeing 737 complete galleys analysis
  • Boeing 747, 737, 757, 767, DC-10, DC-9 and Airbus A310 extensive primary and secondary analysis of floor beam, seat-tracks, closets, and galleys for both crash landingloads and rapid decompressions.




Aero Sci-Tech is capable of undertaking a wide variety of engineering projects. Our extensive experience with the FAA certification process allows Aero Sci-Tech the ability to support each step of your aerospace certification program, including development of certification plan, applying for a project number, providing FAA DER data approval, and document submittal to the FAA for approval.



Our aerospace experience has developed the engineering techniques that have direct application in many industries.
To date, Aero Sci-Tech has completed projects in both the automotive and sporting goods industries as well.


We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of selecting Aero Sci-Tech for your future projects. Please contact us to discuss our qualifications and commitment in great detail